FLEXIBLE Settlements

Payment Options

Glines & Rhodes offers a few different cost-free options to receive payment. Customers can receive funds by check sent using the US Postal Service or using our newest option E-Check. An electronic check (or E-Check) is sent by email to the customer on the same day as settlement. The E-Check functions like a regular check and can be deposited immediately upon receipt.

Trading & Price Hedging

The trading department is available to price metal Monday through Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm Eastern Time. Available ounces can be priced on live spot or published fixed markets (ex. LBMA PM Fix). 

Metal Accounts

Customers have the option of placing metal in their toll account. Metal can be held in toll for any timeframe and sold at the customer’s discretion on either a spot or fixed market.

Product Exchange

All proceeds from refining lots can be used to purchase any of Glines & Rhodes product offerings. Those include: Fine or Alloyed Grains, Evaporation Media, Sputter Targets, Complex Chemistries or Bullion.

Tips to Maximize Recovery

Picking the right refiner is the starting point to maximizing your recovery of precious metal scrap. Several refiners and buyers have opened in recent years and several have already vanished. The refiner’s stability and longevity should be one of the customer’s primary concerns. Glines & Rhodes has withstood the test of time since 1915 and is well positioned for the next 100 years.

Having the right recovery process is essential to maximizing returns. Precious metals can be lost in various stages of a manufacturing process which can be lessened with the right recovery and collection method. Picking the right refiner and following through with the best process should net the maximum profit to the customer. Glines & Rhodes, Inc. wants you to have the best overall return and experience so we can be your refiner for life. Let our sales team customize the right program for your needs over the phone or in-person.