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Glines & Rhodes, Inc. has been in the precious metals refining business for well over 100 years. Established in 1915 and incorporated in 1974, G&R specializes in the refining and recycling of precious metals at their state of the art refining facility located in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

As the need for precious metal refining services has spread from jewelry into other marketplaces such as medical device, electronics and aerospace, they have expanded their services in order provide the customer the best overall satisfaction.

G&R has earned a solid reputation for integrity and stability while maintaining stringent environmental controls.

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. offers metal refining and recycling services for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium. Glines & Rhodes is a prime refiner of precious metal scrap and bench filings as well as sweeps, crucibles, solutions, polishings and other burnables. The company provides refining for most of the jewelry industry’s largest producers. It is an active member of several industry associations such as the Boston Jewelers Club, and the International Precious Metal Institute.

Their Regional Account Managers work hard to tour the customer’s facility and understand their process, using experience in the industry to locate areas where assets may currently be lost and turn these into profits.  G&R’s goal is to be the one-stop shop refiner; deliver fast, accurate and reliable returns, flexible settlement and trading options, and to recover the maximum precious metal scrap value possible.

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